October 15, 2010

Obama Vs The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Only a few days ago President Obama, echoing his January State of the Union address (in which he warned that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision “will open the floodgates for special interests— including foreign corporations—to spend without limit in our election”), reproached the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for funneling contributions to the business advocacy group from foreign corporations to its U.S. political activity. “Groups that receive foreign money,” he said, are a “threat to our democracy.” At first glance this might look like a good argument: after all Americans have never liked foreign actors meddling in their elections. But then again, that’s just a surface appearance. The substance is quite different. In fact, first of all, while the President expects the Chamber to prove that they’re not using foreign money to fund lobbying and other activity, we know that the onus is not on the accused, but on the accuser, to prove the allegations. In the second place,

This latest episode is only the latest in a series of words and actions from this administration that has always exhibited a very anti-business attitude. It really began with the health care debate and continues to this day with the debate over the Bush tax cuts. All of these policies are pushing businesses out of the United States, and halting the ones that already base themselves here.
What small business would want to operate in an atmosphere that gives them additional burden from the outset (health care) and looks to punish them as they grow (taxes), all the while attacking them because they look out for their interests? I can’t think the answer is too many, and that will remain true until our government gives itself a real good attitude adjustment.

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  1. Obama is in big trouble with this one. He and the Democrats get $millions from unions, which are international and get dues from foreign countries like the Chamber of Commerce does. The percentage of the Chamber's budget from foreign sources is one tenth of one percent, and it's separated out. The unions not only take foreign dues, but many unions are government, and a lot of the "stimulus" money has gone to these gov't unions which in turn use that taxpayer money to help finance Democrat party candidates. Obama's political opposition points out his policies are anti business, and his unsupported allegation reinforces that perception. Even the Leftist New York Times said this was a mistake, there was nothing wrong with the Chamber's practices. This guy is a juvenile way in over his head, and his economic polices are not only a failure, but make a tough situation horrible. He has been trained, and has surrounded himself, with like minded people that can only blame others and create red herrings to try and take the heat off themselves. This isn't the first time he's done this. He did the same with "American for Prosperity" and other conservative groups, alleging the were financed by foreigners. He and his fellow Leftists have also alleged the TEA Party movement may be foreign influenced. Obama and the Democrats can't run on any "accomplishments" so the they have to gin up some lies to change the conversation.