November 12, 2010

A New Era For Franco-British Military Relations

Yeah, once upon a time such a title might have been astonishing. Right now, it's just a way (among others) to describe what happened in London a few days ago...

Read the article in the Financial Times online.

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  1. There has been tacit complicity between the English and the French throughout history from Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) right through to Napoleon Bonaparte, and no doubt it still continues.
    Whilst Louis XVI supported the American Independence from the less absolutist and more insane George III of England, his myopia prevented him from anticipating the decapitation of the French monarchy.
    The relationship between the French and English has always been ambiguous. A love, hate relationship spiced with reciprocal jealousy. But the two world wars brought them more together, increased and consolidated the mutual respect.

    It's thus dans l'ordre de choses, that there will be more Anglo-French military co-operation, especially in view of shrinking budgets. It will also help pull the UK more towards the continent with regard to defence, and perhaps less towards the USA.

    But there will always be the ambiguity, the cultural difference that runs deep. Yet they play bagpipes in Brittany, and one feels that strange, historical, Celtic tie in such places.
    We share so much history, with the rest of Europe as well, of course, and we all appreciate good wine.