December 3, 2010

A Couple of Questions About WikiLeaks and The New York Times

Is Wikileaks motivated by stopping deciet, lies, fraud and abuse of the power, or just the United States? Why did the New York Times ignore other things against the left?

When a newspaper allows its personal beliefs and agenda to color not only the news, but what it selects as the news, it becomes no better than the newsstand rag used to attract the illiterate and stupid at the supermarket checkout to look at the same blurred out alien baby picture for the 600th time.


WikiLeaks has shown a chink in its armor. WikiLeaks is simply concentrating on one “evil”. This does not match up with its founders’ “purpose” of defending everyone against abusers of power everywhere.

It is understandable if someone wants to reveal something as dastardly as the Abu Gharab situation or the incident with the helicopter, shooting what definitely appeared to be innocent people. But to release millions of documents because of a few abuses, the white knights of the world become the abusers and not the defenders of the abused.

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  1. The idea of leaking supposedly secret information might be valid if it were constructive. The world is already perfectly aware of the rife hypocrisy that is to be found in the world of politics and so called diplomacy. If there is any thing to learn here, it would be to refrain from recording such petty facts for posterity and future reference for people like Julian Assange.

    Constructive leakage would have applied more to the enormous mistakes the West made prior to the 11/9 in Afghanistan. Information such as this might have corrected the tendency which still seems to be the sad, status quo.
    Maybe Julian Assange is less preoccupied by such facts and prefers to limit himself more to cheap caricatures, which might eventually include himself.

  2. Assange is a cyber terrorist, and a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. This guy needs to be hunted down, and since we can't trust the international legal system to punish true criminals (they'd rather go after Bush and Cheney) the US needs to capture him and give him an extended vacation at Club Gitmo. Since the coward and liar Barry Sotero, who we have the misfortune of having for president, won't be shutting the Caribbean club for terrorists any time soon, or prosecuting them since he's doesn't see terror as a national security threat, Julian will be safely stashed there as Bubba Mohammed's girlfriend.
    The same NY Times that was all upset about the "Climategate" emails wasn't upset about Sarah Palin's personal emails being hacked and published, nor are they upset about this gross violation of information. Serves their Statist pro-terror anti American political world view.

  3. I think we should be long past wondering about the NYT's motives and approach to reporting the "news." They're nothing more than a leftist propaganda rag, and they prove it anew every day.

    The Washington Post, flaws and all, is a much better paper. I'd recommend that anyone who reads the NYT switch to WaPo because even though there's some slant there also, it isn't nearly as overwhelming.