December 6, 2010

Ron Paul: “What We Need Is More WikiLeaks On The Federal Reserve”

One may not agree with Ron Paul on certain points (or many). Likewise, one may not disagree more with Julian Assange and what he stands for. But this is worth mentioning …

[Via Tea Party -- One Lump or Two?]


  1. Interesting concept. I'd be more interested in seeing what might come out of the Fed than I was in the State Dept cables. One thing to remember, though--the Fed itself and what it does is under the control of Congress. All they have to do is change the law if they don't like what the Fed does.

  2. There are many things I disagree with Ron Paul on, however he stands alone in defending truth and transparency. I find it interesting that the talking heads on the right and the left are calling for Julian Assange's head. Proves that there is no difference and they are all bought off.