January 5, 2011

If California Leads The Way

Victor Davis Hanson
Economist and political commentator Thomas Sowell has a very good commentary for the quietly chilling (and somewhat long) article in the NRO by historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson about the disturbing decline of rural California. An article which “ought to be read by every American who is concerned about where this country is headed,” because “California is leading the way, but what is happening in California is happening elsewhere.”


  1. I read Hanson's article. It describes many problems that plague inner California: farms closing, factories moving abroad, people living in poverty, pollution and garbage, undeserving people receiving food stamps, failing schools, students protesting, loss of national sentiment.

    These are complex problems, with multiple causes, but for the author there is only one cause: immigration.

    To me, this is a oversimplification.

  2. To clarify: it could be that _some_ of the problems described are caused by mismanaged, or illegal immigration, but it seems to me improbable that _all_ those problems are caused by the immigrants.