January 29, 2011

Obama Channeling Reagan? Hardly

The story that he is modeling his presidency on Ronald Reagan’s is “one of the least credible tales to come out of President Obama’s recent ideological makeover,” says the Washington Times.  And here is a handy list to remind people how little these two men have in common. Funny but very serious.

Thanks: Sandra Kennedy Schimmelpfennig.


  1. Obama and his propaganda machine, the main stream media, have to create and grab on to anything they can after the shellacking they took last November . Early on it was Obama channeling FDR and now Reagan. This was a funny take on it. Obama is phony as a three dollar bill, and now he's playing the chameleon. Conservative colors he's attempting to display now he won't be able to maintain for any length of time, certainly not for two years until the next election.

  2. It's hilarious to see a president trying to channel Ronald Reagan while at the same time actually channeling Jimmy Carter. Obama is looking more and more like the empty suit he initially appeared to be. He might be better off just being himself--at least that would be authentic.