February 23, 2011

When the Privileged are Angry

James Taranto’s piece in the WSJ’s Opinion Journal is well worth a careful read. He addresses the Wisconsin thing, the main issues at stake—including the differences between public and private sector unions and between Tea Party and union protests—and their political, economic, and “cultural” implications. He also shows how “almost every lie the left ever told about the Tea Party has turned out to be true of the government unionists in Wisconsin and their supporters.” Via Bookworm Room.

1 comment:

  1. Re. the Public sector heist, which sounds almost as bad as the French SNCF service or 'self-service'. Are the employees allowed to become shareholders? If so, it should, in principle, incite the American public sectors to start thinking about the inconceivable, to actually go as far as to try to make profits, rather than just limit their responsibilities and pursuits to ripping off the public, which would seem to be more middle-class than 'privileged'.

    Re. the Obama-Care Utopian dream that has yet to prove it can come true. Could it not be more a display of 'I can do it' generosity, conceived primarily to add more gloss to the already dazzling image of the US President? As time goes by, this personal consideration always appears to be Obama's first priority in anything he does or doesn't do.