March 19, 2011

Does Soccer Really Need Characters Like Balotelli?

"Super Mario" Balotelli at work 
It was Roberto Mancini who wanted the so-called Super Mario to join Manchester City, now he has finally figured out who the former Inter Milan striker really is, and not just who he wanted him to be.

Yet, it seems that there are still those who think otherwise, one of them is former Chelsea and Italy legend Gianfranco Zola, who insists Mario Balotelli “has the potential to become as good as he wants in football—if he learns some self-discipline.” Self-discipline? Really? And how many decades will it take before he even knows the meaning of that word? But then again, does soccer really need characters like Balotelli? And if so, with all due respect for Gianfranco Zola and those who think like him, is this still a sport?


  1. I totally agree with you. As an Inter Milan supporter (though now living in NYC) one thing I've never forgotten is when, after a particularly poor performance against Barcelona, Balotelli responded to the booing fans by taking off his shirt and throwing it on the ground.

    And now there is a good news that, following his sending off against Dynamo Kiev in the Europa League on Thursday evening, Balotelli is at risk of being excluded by Italy coach Cesare Prandelli when he announces his latest squad on Sunday.

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