June 14, 2011

New Beginning

Claude Monet, Impression Sunrise
Everything in life is temporary. Everything has an end. Winter ends, snow melts, spring ends… But, as the old proverb goes, every end is a new beginning, and when spring ends summer starts. Or, if you prefer, as T.S. Eliot put it, “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from” (this is also wonderfully expressed in “East Coker,” the second of Four Quartets). Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m referring to someone both you and I know and who is about to make a big change in his life—he’s almost retired from his previous career as a teacher…—and thought we could wish him a happy ending and a bright new beginning. May God always guide and bless him!


  1. Wow, that’s great news! Please give 'our mutual friend' my sincere congratulations and good wishes for his future!

  2. Thanks Carolyn, I'll do so as soon as possible... ;-)

  3. That's probably the best way to start a new life, my friend... Best wishes!

  4. Hi Rob, bring my best wishes to our mutual friend!

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  6. As someone once said, the worst thing about retirement is having to drink coffee on your own time...
    May there be a whole new kind of life ahead of you, full of lots of wonderful experiences just waiting to happen!

  7. Irish Retirement Blessing

    May you always have work
    for your hands to do.
    May your pockets hold
    always a coin or two.
    May the sun shine bright
    on your windowpane.
    May the rainbow be certain
    to follow each rain.
    May the hand of a friend
    always be near you.
    And may God fill your heart
    with gladness to cheer you.

    Congratulation and best wishes.

  8. Enjoy the new chapter of life, may the coming time bring lot of happiness to you!

  9. Thank you so much everybody, you make me blush ...;-)

  10. the good news for us all is that you’ll have more time for blogging :-)
    Best wishes!

  11. So, welcome to the old rats club Rob, where retirement is an illusion. One is busier
    than ever before, and it gets increasingly worse..