July 9, 2011

Current Issues

Enduring Questions: Traditional approach vs. postmodern approach. I stand for the former, what about you?

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  1. I agree to some extent, although it might depend on how far back one wishes to go. All significant periods of history are invaluable as cultural, social and religious references in any case.
    As compared with what might seem to be naive efforts of certain young 'facebook users' who seem to indulge in overexposing themselves in the hope of getting a 'face', there's no question about it.

    One needs to remember who one is, also in order to try to establish what one believes in. In spite of our fabulous means of communication and access to information, there are no miraculous short cuts regarding the aquiring of knowledge and the developing of one's personality. But this is also a cunning allusion to the next Viewfinder article..