September 23, 2011

Not Just the Daily Grind: Today’s Must Reads (or so) - Sept. 24, 2011

  1. The burning question of Martin Luther must once more become our question too -
    The pope to the Evangelical Church of Germany. Ecumenism stands or falls on the question of God and of evil. The twofold challenge of "evangelical" Protestantism and of secularization. How to revive the faith without watering it down. (Also sprach der Papst von Rom - 2)
  2. Slipping into darkness - How much longer can Silvio Berlusconi go on? (Good question!)
  3. The Weakness Behind Sarkozy's European Vision - French President Nicolas Sarkozy has a vision for Europe, one which involves increased solidarity to save the euro zone. His attempts to convince Chancellor Angela Merkel are hiding his own country's weaknesses. Some are concerned that Germany may soon stand alone. (Might be not a bad idea) 
  4. Facebook announces redesigned profile pages, introduces Timeline at f8 conference -
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes in Facebook’s profile pages, introducing a Timeline that will replace the old user page layout. In addition: Video - Mark Zuckerberg unveils Facebook Timeline. (I'm kinda fed up with facebook right now...)
  5. There's a Judge in Berlin. And He Wants King Solomon Back - After Regensburg in 2006 and Paris in 2008, the third grand lecture of this pontificate. Pope Benedict holds it in the German capital, and in heart of its political system. Citing Saint Augustine: "Without justice what else is the state but a great band of robbers?" (Also sprach der Papst von Rom - 1)

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