October 15, 2011

Occupy Goes Global (and Violent, Too)

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However, what do “protests and riots in Rome” really mean? Well, here is the answer (from Fr. Philip Neri Powell, the best “foreign correspondent” in Italy). Simply priceless.


  1. I'm so saddened half the people living in wealthy free democracies desire to replace it with hatred, oppression and poverty. That this movement is hugely anti-Semitic is fearsome. I have a Leftist Jewish friend, when I pointed this out lashed back at me unintelligibly about it not being so, don't tell him how to be Jewish or something. People siding with those that mean them harm is something I guess I'll never understand. The Jurassic Press continues to report these violent protests with people getting stabbed and shot, clashes with the police and millions of dollars of property getting destroyed "peaceful" and the TEA Party violent. We live in an upside down world. It's even worse than Orwell's vision.

  2. I know what Fr. Philip is talking about (I have been living in Rome for almost ten years) and he's right. Absolutely right...

  3. @Metaphysical Peregrine:

    Yes, it's an upside down world in which we consider the causes to be the effects and the effects to be the causes, and in which the "Jurassic Press" will continue to sing the lie full throated...


    You've just earned the Top 10 Foreign Correspondents Aword! ;-)