January 21, 2012

On Following a Crazy Person

Andrei Rublev, Christ the Redeemer  
 Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Just a few posts ago, I was hinting at a subject that I have always been passionate about and that I believe to be at the core of my Christian faith: the “folly of God” which, in St Paul’s words, “is wiser than the wisdom of men.” Well, today Fr. Philip Neri Powell has something to say about “following a crazy person,” that crazy person being our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m sure my Christian readers (and not only them) will find it very insightful and interesting. “We,” in turn, says Fr. Philip Neri Powell, “may be out of our minds for following a crazy man, but [...].” Well, read the rest to find out what comes after the “but.”


  1. An interesting article. Yes, Jesus was unique and regarded by many as crazy but his life and teachings resulted in a religion embraced by hundreds of millions. Still, it's not evident that many are really following his teachings today. The Church with all it's pomp and ceremony does not seem to fit with the Jesus that is depicted in the bible. Recently, Frontline ran an interesting two part documentary called Jesus Christ and the Christians. Jesus was an extraordinary man who spoke against the abuses he viewed in the synagogues. His love for his fellow man had no bounds. If only his lessons were heeded by Christians everywhere, we'd be living in a gentler world. Thanks for the great post.