April 2, 2012

The Clash

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

Today is Palm Sunday, the day when Christians celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. There are sermons, books and essays on the event seemingly beyond counting, with as many different focuses. One of those observations is this is the event that first marked the clash between Empire and the Kingdom of God, or in more secular terms, between the State and Religion. That first clash got Jesus, a religious man, killed by the State.

It has been so ever since. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Marx, Engels, all the anti religious leaders and political philosophers since Jesus entered Jerusalem, make it quite clear Jews and Christians must be, if not murdered, at least marginalized for their dictatorships to survive. The killing still goes on in the Middle East on a massive scale, and a smaller scale in China and North Korea. Marginalizing is very strong in Europe and less so here in the US, but increased substantially with the Obama Administration.

It came about with his attack on the Catholic Church with him, the State, mandating they disobey church teaching and law, and obey him or they would be fined, imprisoned or both. This was a heck of a note for the Catholics in this country; they supported his election and the entire top down illegal, unconstitutional rulings that makes the State the arbiter of everything, even religion.

There’s no doubt there’s dishonesty in every politician (probably in each of us, it’s a matter of scale), but this man is a brazen liar, even more than Bill Clinton, to the point he incorporates them into his policies, regulations and presentations to the public. Follow this timeline for this dustup with the Church. When he told the Catholic Church they must deny the centuries old law and tradition of no contraception and must pay for and provide them, and they must also provide and pay for abortions, there was major pushback by citizens and the Church. Even some of his ardent supporters said he had gone too far. His dishonest response was he would make the insurance companies pick up the costs; the Church wouldn’t have to pay anything. Well, somebody will pay for it. Dishonest. Then he and his political operatives said that Christians and the Republican Party are denying women the right to use contraceptives, and are at war with women. Dishonest.

An amazing development is now insurance is supposed to cover the results of sexual activity. ObamaCare is a two birds with one stone scenario; it controls both insurance companies and all issues having to do with one’s body. Used to be insurance was pooling resources for when something went horribly wrong and was costly; the fund for a rainy day. Obama and the Left see having a baby as a horrible catastrophic event apparently. Obama’s statement in 2008:  “ I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.”  Punished with a baby.

All this only marginally has to do with contraception, abortion, the Church, and freedom of religion. Obama and the Left know they must marginalize religious people to move their Statist agenda, deny individual choice and liberty to obtain absolute control. Well, they approve of one choice, to murder babies in the womb.

There was a time when it was mostly a moral compass that guided this country, and individuals. They weren’t perfect times to be sure. In my childhood, house keys were under doormats, thieves knew it, but very rarely used them (one was lesser of a thief?). Keys were left in the ignition when running into a store for a sec to pick up some milk. Kids were safe to play in the front yard. Gas was paid for after it was pumped. All that’s been turned inside out and upside down. We have students thinking cheating is okay. Stealing music through downloads is okay. If you get pregnant it’s okay to take someone else’s money to abort the baby. Now we have a President of the United States, going beyond arrogance, thinking it's okay to lie about anything, anytime to empower the State. At one time even politicians placed some limits on themselves and worked together, understanding there was a moral political compass, and the well being of the county was what mattered. 

Now the view is that since morality is out the window, more laws are needed to replace them. Laws written by egoistic, self promoting, self interested, selfish secularists. 

Recently Obama asked the president of Russia (in an overheard secretive conversation) to give him some space until after the election so he could be more accommodating, “flexible” is the word he used, in his second term. He is so much a liar, he plans how he’s going to lie to citizens in the future. There were uncountable lies about ObamaCare, it being passed in the middle of the night on a national holiday with not one Republican voting for it, and the Speaker of the House saying they have to pass it to know what’s in it. There were so many lies and bribes that it’s now in the Supreme Court; the result of so many lies in one place they could not be contained.

This man’s lies have caused a deeper racial divide, alienated foreign allies, given comfort to enemy States wishing to destroy the US, has caused an energy crises with uncontrollable rising costs to citizens, paying off “green” energy companies that fail and fail and fail (they are massive donors to the Democrat Party and his Campaign, kickbacks of taxpayer money given them), taken and given bribes to the wealthy while denouncing them, and back to the beginning of this post, has attacked religion consciously and with reason. He has divided everyone, and now our country is in a civil war; religion, morality, the Church, individual liberty, vs Obama and the Lefts’ campaign of violence (the Occupy Movement is still clashing with police, women are still being raped, babies are still being abandoned, people are still being beaten and murdered), deception, brazen lies and the denial of individual liberty.   

"In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity" ~~Rupertus Meldenius. Obama, Leftists, and the Democrat Party have turned this most profound observation into ‘in essentials division, in non-essentials what the State says it wants, and in charity there will be none unless approved by and filtered through the State’. The word charity in the quote is often translated as love. Have you ever known a government to love? Have you ever felt love from a politician or government bureaucrat? But I’ve felt the love of the Church, of co-religionists, of fellow worshippers, of God. I will always fall on the side of the Man on the donkey, and lay my cloak before Him, never on the side of the dictator that thinks he is a god.     


  1. Why did so many Jews get into the railroad cars if they were going to be executed? Because Hitler fed them a LIE!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Steven. Great information and insights into Obama’s “worldview.” Just a couple quick notes:

    - As for Obama telling Medvedev that if Obama is re-elected he’ll no longer be accountable to any voters and will accommodate Putin on U.S. missile defense, this isn’t the first time Obama has been caught on a hot mic. As all of us know well, in November he was overheard blasting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to French President Sarkozy. And as it was not enough, Vice President Joe Biden was heard telling Obama the health care bill was a “big fu**ing deal” after that legislation passed.

    - As for Obama’s 2008 statement about “being punihed” with a baby, well, I’m without words.