April 22, 2012

The Global War on Christians

I know, time is precious, but please take an hour and a half to watch the video (see below) of a talk given by John L. Allen, Jr., at the recent Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2012 on the global war on Christians. A senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and a vaticanologist of CNN and NPR, John L. Allen, Jr. carefully explains—on the basis of facts and evidence, not opinions—that what is at stake today for Christians worldwide is nothing less than their own survival. Yes, Christians are the most persecuted group in the contemporary world. (Via The Metaphysical Peregrine)


  1. Thanks for reposting this Rob. This is so important. Civilization is in the balance. This is indeed the most important issue Christians need to face.

  2. The Lord did say that we Christ followers would be persecuted, just as He was. So as much as I detest the world attitude toward Christians in this day, it comes as no surprise. However, I have read the last page of God's book. We win.

  3. It is sad that nowadays Christianity is under attack mainly in the countries that were built upon Christianity and they fail to understand it is thanks to Christianity they are able to enjoy freedom-of-speech and equality. All you have to do is compare civil rights in Christian countries and the Middle East for instance.