April 11, 2012

Italian Politics: Latest News

Elsa Fornero, Mario Monti, Emma Marcegaglia

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, and that’s definitely right. As for me, I don’t like it, but when the topic is politics, here in Italy, it’s often almost impossible to escape it. Take this news—related to the president of the leading organization representing the manufacturing and service industries in Italy—for example:

(AGI) Confindustria’s president Emma Marcegaglia, whose mandate expires in May, has said she is extremely happy to be returning to company business and that politics are not contemplated in her future. “Politics?” she said, “Absolutely not! I am delighted to be returning to run the company,” she explained while attending a meeting in Rovigo.

Well, she can’t imagine how delighted we are to hear that—though I wouldn’t bet on her workers’ happiness (but that’s another story). And yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more to be said, too much for a poor guy like me. That’s why I thought that the best thing to do is to provide a series of links to help you make an idea about what the state of the art is in this rather complicated field. Well, enjoy, and come back safely…

  1. EURO GOVT-Bund yields hit 6-mth lows; Spain, Italy pressure
  2. IKEA replaces some Asian suppliers with Italians
  3. European stock markets rocked by panic selling as debt crisis reignites
  4. Stock and bond markets rocked by fears of Italian and Spanish debt spirals
  5. Italy Fights Spain for Investors as ECB Boost Fades
  6. Son of founder of Italy’s Northern League resigns over party finance scandal
  7. Italy needs red tape bonfire before labour reform starts
  8. Ben Chu: It's not Spain nor Italy spooking the markets, but punishing austerity
  9. Italian politician accuses government of plot
  10. Politician's fall rocks Italy
  11. Marcegaglia was 'irresponsible' says Fornero 
  12. Italy's Northern League: Bossi booted 
  13. Bossi Quits as Head of Italy’s Northern League 
  14. Italy Northern League leader Bossi resigns amid scandal 
  15. Bossi Quits as Head of Italy’s Northern League
  16. Employers attack Italy’s labour reforms
  17. Italy labor market reform: more costs for companies, but flexibility and opportunity for young
  18. Italy Budget Shows Austerity's Risks
  19. Europe has overcome crisis, says Monti

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