May 25, 2012

Brits Abroad

There are lots of British expats in southern Europe, especially in France. What do they miss most from home? And how does an expat feel when a neighbor calls him from the small village in south-western France where he owns a house while he is, say, in London to break the news that his rural idyll has been ransacked by burglars? Well, you’ll find the answers to both questions in The Telegraph:

  1. What do you miss from home?
  2. Thieves have spoilt my expat dream

Have a good read, and, above all if you are expat Brits (or Americans), best wishes from Venice, Italy!

1 comment:

  1. Those who buy 'holiday homes' are bound to be taking risks if they leave anything of value in them. This would be the obvious case in any country.
    To avoid such a risk, assuming one has the means to buy a house in France to escape to for a month or so, it would be far best to think in terms of getting a house in a village.

    Most classical English favourites (Bovril, Heinz beans, Danish Bacon, etc.) can be found in specialised shops in different regions of France, like Antibes, for example.

    But for someone like me, living in France, nothing is nicer than to fly to say Edinburgh in May or June, hire a car for ten days or so and drive around the west coast of Scotland bed and breakfasting, having pub dinners and best Scottish bitter and with an occasional Islay malt whisky. Just the idea is enough to make me sigh and smile..