May 29, 2012

Troubles Never Come Alone

A man walks in front of a collapsed church in Mirandola (AP Photo/Marco Vasini)

Troubles never come alone. As if an economy on life support (in many respects) was not bad enough, 9 days after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit northern Italy, another powerful earthquake (magnitude 5.8) killed at least 15 people and left 200 injured this morning in the same area.

Factories, warehouses and churches collapsed, dealing a second blow to a region where thousands are still homeless from another temblor just nine days ago.
The 5.8 magnitude quake left 14,000 people homeless in the Emilia Romagna region north of Bologna, one of Italy's most agriculturally and industrially productive areas.
It was felt from Piedmont in northwestern Italy to Venice in the northeast and as far north as Austria. Dozens of aftershocks hit the area, some registering more than 5.0 in magnitude.

Continue reading for further detailed information. May God protect the people of Emilia and keep them safe from further disasters.

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