June 16, 2012

Surviving New York City's Summer (Without Air Conditioning)

Photo: The New York Sun
Hey, fellow Europeans, have you ever been in New York in July and/or August? It’s unbearably hot and muggy, even to those who are familiar with the sweltering, humid summers in the Po Valley, Italy.

As far as I am concerned, I will never forget that August day when streams of sweat were flowing down my fingers while I was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge—I had never seen anything like that before and thought I was going to die of …desiccation!

Well, have you ever wondered how New Yorkers handled it several decades ago without air conditioning or even fans? If so, here is the answer, or at least part of an answer…

HT John Podhoretz, our special (Facebook) correspondent from the Big Apple.


  1. yeah, we NYers do suffer the occasional heat wave most summers -- but they don't compare to the stultifying summer heat in Rome or Sicily! Madonna mia!!

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