November 10, 2012

Tipping Point and the Seven Deadly Sins

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

This week America passed the tipping point. We found out America has moved from a constitutional republic based on moral scriptural values and beliefs, to an America that embraces and promotes the seven deadly sins. We have in Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, their supporters in the Jurassic Press and the trendy popular entertainment media, advocates for  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

In Obama's closing speeches running up to the election, he exhorted his supporters to vote for revenge, wrath. That he would say such a thing is puzzling since he has been in power for four years, so who is revenge directed toward? Statistism, Marxism, the Left, have been the Establishment since the 1930's, in both politics and culture, yet they still play the oppressed minority. That Obama made the statement indicates he and his Party believe in and practice wrath, even against those they triumph over. There's been a lot of gloating and insulting of Republicans, Conservatives and Christians since election day.

Obama and the Democrat Party advocate greed with their notion of confiscating the wealth from those that are the most productive. An interviewer a few years ago asked Obama, noting that every time tax rates were reduced, revenues to the government went up, why did he still advocate for a higher tax rate for the wealthy? His answer was his standard 'they have to pay their fair share', regardless of the results. They use the concept of fairness, deciding what that is, to line their own pockets, increase their own wealth, at the expense of others.

They promote sloth by their notion of redistributing the wealth, telling people even if they don't work hard enough to get the things they want on their own, the government will make up the difference. The more slothful one is, the increased difference will still be made up, necessitating going back to confiscating yet more from the producers to compensate.

Obama and his fellow Statists promote pride with the notion of self esteem, that one doesn't have to accomplish anything to be proud of oneself. We have students coming out of school barely able to read and write, no knowledge of art, history, literature, mathematics, civics. Students think they know these things, and tests show the opposite. Yet they are still proud of their nonexistent accomplishments.

They promote envy with their constant attack on the successful. Hey, look at that guy, he has more money than me, what an evil and despicable person! Why should he have more than me?

Statists, Leftists, promote lust. Look at all the movies, books, TV shows, and magazines that sex is central. The entertainment "reporters" on the show "TMZ" openly and happily talk about the porn they watch when at one time such things were secretive and hidden, viewing was an embarrassment. Adultery is becoming more acceptable; there's even a social media that helps adulterers hook up.

Lastly, gluttony. The Obama's have spent over a billion dollars on vacations and parties since they've been in office. They eat and feed their supporters large quantities of the finest cuisine, while exhorting others to eat moderately and plainly. They constantly exhort others to do with less, while they ever increase their own consumption.

What was rejected a few days ago by Americans, is the notion we do the best we can for ourselves, for our families and friends, without government intervention, and that there is a tried and true moral and behavioral code over a couple thousand years that lends itself to successful happy people, in turn happy successful communities, in turn nations that receive the blessings of God.

Scripture makes it quite clear with the examples of the Israelites; every time they denied God, turned their back on Him, serious, bad things happened to them.

A few days ago we decided to make it official, and turned our backs to God. We have made the State our religion. 


  1. How sad -- but thank you for posting this. Let's hope that the future will be better than the present.

  2. I found this post very interesting but I can't agree with the author's conclusions. What strikes me about this post is how backward it all seems. It's all about perception. Politics in general it seems is a dirty business. With big business pulling lots of strings, it's hard to know what the truth is.

    When Obama mentioned revenge, it was in the context of so much mishandling of voter registration and other manoeuvrings to keep the disenfranchised from voting. He said, the best revenge was to vote. In other words, he was encouraging people to exercise their right, not to let corporations of the big Republican machine keep them from voting. That's how he used the word revenge.

    At one time, the Republican party was more fair to all. The rich paid higher taxes, and the country was economically in better shape as a result. Under Bush, there was a dramatic shift. He lowered those taxes significantly, and of course with the cost of an unnecessary war, the USA has paid a huge price. That's what Obama inherited plus a House of Representatives that refused to cooperate even though the electorate wanted the changes that Obama had promised.

    Obama's a good man, probably more Christian in spirit, than many of her predecessors. He's not an elitist. He embraces people from all walks of life. He's a strong family man with strong values. I'm sorry that so many have been convinced otherwise.

    As for the other changes in American politics re: gay rights. God made all of man, in all shapes, sizes, color and sexual orientation. Why would we want to fight this?

    I'm a Canadian, but may God Bless America and every other country in our world.

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