January 25, 2013

Why I Wrote 'Blessed Are the Contrarians'

I wrote this note for a Group at Goodreads.com called “The reasons why you wrote your book or books,” but I think it fits here, too.

There is no specific reason why I wrote Blessed Are the Contrarians, nor was there ever even any decision to write it. In fact, as the subtitle reads, my book is a Diary of a Journey Through Interesting Times. I mean, I didn’t originally want to “write a book,” I just came to the decision of writing a blog, that is an online diary, or a daily pulpit, or whatever you want to call it. The book is just a side-effect, so to speak, of the original purpose of creating and maintaining a blog.

As a matter of fact, I have collected in this volume some of the pieces which I have posted on my blog over the last few years, namely the most suitable to this traditional mode of communication. As a result, Blessed Are the Contrarians is a kind of diary of a journey through our time (politics, culture, lifestyles, worldviews, etc.). And, I would add, back home again, where “home” stands for a sense of belonging to something stronger than the spirit of our times. In other words what this book is all about is explaining—though not in a systematic way—why I disagree with mainstream views in several areas. And this from a conservative and Christian point of view, that is to say the perspectives which, in turn, come under severe attacks from secular and progressive ideologies, namely the most influential schools of thought of our time.

To conclude, the question ‘Why did I write this book?’ should be changed to ‘Why did I decide to create a blog?’ And the answer is ‘Simply because I had to.’ Because everyone is called to witness to what they have seen and heard, and to what they believe in.


  1. The subject of why one writes a weblog (I hate the word blog), is interesting in itself.
    We all have our own personal reasons, but there is one reason where I believe we all join. In our own way we are all Contrarians, some more than others. It doesn't necessarily need a religious motive although naturally such a motive is perfectly commendable.
    To believe that a union is sacred when the fruit of that union is a child, for example, doesn't need to be reinforced by theological considerations. But it's such a belief that induces one to write one's opinion on such subjects.
    Or to believe that the incredible order and mechanism of the universe of which man is an infinitesimal part, didn't come about by pure chance, doesn't need to be attributed to any religion, yet it's the essence of all religions, and it inspires one to underline how 'importantly unimportant' we all are. It prompts us to reveal the tartuffes who pretend to represent us as if they were quasi divine, or the fundamentalists, the worst impostors of all, who claim to have God's benediction to do evil.
    But perhaps the most important thing that we have in common, is that in spite of the modesty of what we freely offer, without any political or financial pressure, we are nevertheless being read throughout the world. Therefore, however small the degree, we are contributing- little by little- in bringing the world together. The idea, even if it could be wishful thinking, is still enough to make one smile.

  2. Great comment. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi Rob, I've just bought your book and I can't wait to read it!

  4. I recommend this collection to everyone. It covers divers subjects in both thought provoking and informative ways. Blogging is a great way to keep a diary of interests, ideas and thoughts; writing them down organizes and clarifies. Sharing them may help someone improve the quality of their lives, rethink something, or have an epiphany. This book furthers that notion.

  5. Congratulations Rob, hope to get to it soon. A presto.

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