February 23, 2016


Books are not made to be believed, but to be subjected to inquiry. When we consider a book, we mustn’t ask ourselves what it says but what it means.

~ Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose, 1980 (English translation by William Weaver, 1982).

When Umberto Eco wrote The Name of the Rose (it was released in Italy in 1980, followed by French and English editions two years later) he could never have imagined what a cultural phenomenon he'd created. No one who loves and cares about books and their fate in the present world should miss reading, re-reading and reflecting upon this great novel. The Name of the Rose is a book that speaks of other books, a book whose main focus are the books themselves...


  1. A great novel. His words will live on. You're reminding me that this is a novel I need to read again.

  2. Indeed, Diana. Thanks for coming by!