June 7, 2016

Western Identity

It is because of America, its success, its conflicts, and its symbolic importance in the world, that the question raised by Spengler is still with us: the question of Western identity. Take away America, its freedom, its optimism, its institutions, its Judeo-Christian beliefs, and its educational tradition, and little would remain of the West, besides the geriatric routines of a now toothless Europe.

~ Roger Scruton, Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged.

Taking part in a radio debate and discussing how America has retreated as a world leader, English philosopher and writer Roger Scruton recently said, “It’s certain that President Obama will not be seen as a strong president.” Then, as a man with a foreigner’s perspective, he added, “What are we, the rest of the world, to do without American leadership?”

The above quoted excerpt from his preface to Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged might be of some help in explaining his concerns about the future of the world.


  1. In a way the USA is Europe's child. The wayward child who had the courage to leave home, defy the elements, origins and unrealistic patrimonial obligations, win independence, and then show the world what can be achieved. Because of this the USA has been a constant example for the whole world, a world proud of its child.
    (I was recently reassured, for personal reasons, that Apple Macs are also used in Moscow).
    It therefore follows that the nation's leader should be just as exemplary, which sadly is not the case regarding Obama. This has become increasingly apparent for the world that now, more than ever, needs strong, effective and thus exemplary American leadership.

  2. Indeed! Obama is the worst disgrace that has ever been in the White House..