October 25, 2006

Murder in the Himalayas

Buddhist monk Thubten Tsering was one of the 75 Tibetan who, on September 30, were making a secret trek across the border into Nepal, moving in single file across a mountain slope near the 19,000-foot-high Nanpa La Pass, when Chinese border guards opened fire. “There was no warning of any kind, […] the bullets were so close I could hear them whizzing past. We scattered and ran,” he told reporters in Delhi on Sunday.”

Now that the accounts of survivors, now safely in India, can be pieced together with those of the mountaineers who witnessed the shooting and with the video footage taken by a Romanian cameraman who was at advance base camp on Mount Cho Oyo at the time, the full story of what happened that day in the Himalayas has emerged. Read The Independent article here for details.

1 comment:

  1. I was stunned by this story ... I didn't realise this kind of thing was still happening.

    It made me examine the news that Belgium wants to invest in China with new eyes.

    It seems that the Chinese army is shooting these people as if they are game animals, like rabbits or deer ... it's so wrong.