January 16, 2008


Plow, naked man! Sow, naked man! Winter is farmer's lazy time.
In cold weather the farmers enjoy their gain for the most part
and they happily prepare feasts for each other.
Friendly winter is inviting and lightens their cares,
as when loaded boats at last reach port
and the happy sailors place crowns upon the sterns.
Still, then is the time to pick the oaken acorns,
the laurel's berries, the olive and the blood-red myrtle;
the time to set traps for cranes and nets for stags;
the time to chase the long-eared rabbits, to smite the does
as you whirl the thongs of a Balearic sling,
when the snow lies deep and the rivers push ice.


Nudus ara, sere nudus; hiems ignava colono.
Frigoribus parto agricolae plerumque fruuntur
mutuaque inter se laeti convivia curant.
Invitat genialis hiems curasque resolvit,
ceu pressae cum iam portum tetigere carinae,
puppibus et laeti nautae inposuere coronas.
Sed tamen et quernas glandes tum stringere tempus
et lauri bacas oleamque cruentaque myrta,
tum gruibus pedicas et retia ponere cervis
auritosque sequi lepores, tum figere dammas,
stuppea torquentem Balearis verbera fundae,
cum nix alta iacet, glaciem cum flumina trudunt.

—Publius Vergilius Maro, Georgics - Book I, 299

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