May 14, 2008

Veltrusconi's day (2)

And this is what Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said in his speech for the vote of confidence at the Senate, in response to Veltroni’s acceptance of his offer for dialogue:

I am grateful for Veltroni's input and we really appreciate his availability after having contacted the opposition and our talks will start this week. […] We have been presented with an openness that is not prejudicial and is unprecedented in the Republican history.

Furthermore, to give credibility and a high status to the choices that must be made to face one of the worst economic crisis, Berlusconi said that “the newly-elected Parliament will have to put an end to some questionable privileges of the political class, with a unanimous commitment.”

“It is up to this Parliament,” he added, “to improve the reputation of politics and its credibility, by cutting down on costs and above all significantly increasing revenues. […] Politics, the Parliament and the Government must produce tangible results for the Italians because no further chances will be available in the future.”

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