May 14, 2008

Veltrusconi's day

It is easy when one is on the opposition or in an election campaign to use over-the-top tones to then, when one is in the government, to then make use of tolerant words and dialogue. But I will take him at his words and I would like to ensure all that we will be a serious, strong and responsible opposition. We will make proposals and put up opposition when we do not agree with something. […] Italy needs to turn over a new leaf and everyone must contribute. […] I accept the invitation and I would like to start immediately with measures to make the state machine more efficient, to reduce the number of MP's, reduce the costs of politics, autonomy and freedom of information, and this should start with the independency of the Rai (national broadcasting service, E.N.)

These were the words of Democratic Party’s leader Walter Veltroni in his speech at the Chamber of Representatives, in response to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s offer for dialogue (see previous post).

And this is how Veltroni ended his speech:

We will be voting against confidence for his country, but we will join them for every choice which goes in the right direction: that of a more fair, modern and safe Italy. The opposition does this in the interests of the country and not to show its muscles but out of intelligence and a sense of responsibility. Italy will be able to see over the next few months who will have accomplished the task taken on here. We will be doing it as an alternative to the government, with courage, openness and conviction.


Credits: for the passages I quoted from Veltroni’s speech I made use of the translation provided by AGI (English News).

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