March 18, 2010

Anwar al-Awlaki's call to arms

Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemeni-American Muslim lecturer and preacher, called on American Muslims to turn against their government because of its actions against Muslims around the world. Believed to be a senior talent recruiter and motivator for al-Qaeda and described as “the bin Laden of the Internet,” Anwar al-Awlaki described his own radicalization after U.S. operations against Muslims in his latest message, aired on CNN yesterday.

“I […] came to the conclusion,” he said, “that jihad against America is binding upon myself just as it is binding on every other Muslim. […] To the Muslims in America I have this to say, how can your conscience allow you to live in peaceful coexistence with a nation responsible for the tyranny and crimes against your own brothers and sisters? How can you have loyalty to a government leading the war against Islam and Muslims?”

It was thought that he might have been killed in a pre-dawn air strike by Yemeni Air Force fighter jets on a meeting of senior al-Qaeda leaders at a hideout in Rafd, a remote mountain valley in eastern Shabwa, on December 24, 2009, but this was clearly a forlorn hope: he is as alive as he can communicate his peaceful thought—please don’t forget that Islam is “the Religion of Peace”—by addressing the American Muslims on Cnn.

By the way, just a few hours ago I was appreciating not only how much Islam is a peaceful and loving religion, but also its tolerance and gracefulness towards other faiths...


  1. And Islam is an honourable religion ... :-)

  2. So are they all (Anwar al-Awlaki’s friends, admirers and associates),
    all honourable men!

  3. ...

    "O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
    And men have lost their reason."


  4. ..It isn't the first time and unfortunately it won't be the last..

  5. From what I've read, al-Awalki influenced Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer, and may have recruited the doofus underwear bomber. And he's a U.S. citizen.

    The best solution would be to kill him, but if he's captured, he's one of the few who really justifies a charge of treason and the death penalty that goes with it.