March 16, 2010

Tom Hanks strikes again

In an interview with, Tom Hanks further explained–but stood by his statement–that the Pacific theater of World War II was a war of “racism and terror.”

He also said,

“I’d like to think that as our time has gone by and as Americans have found themselves in 2010, ignorance is being replaced by a certain amount of enlightenment and racism is going to be replaced eventually by an acceptance. It’s just taking an awfully long time.”

A good reply to this has been given by Michael van der Galien:

“I’d like to think,” Tom? Is there any doubt in your mind that America has, for the largest part, overcome racism? A black man was voted into the White House, for God’s sake. What more proof do you need to understand that racism is, by large, a thing of the past?

What to say about the rest (war of racism and terror, etc.)? Nothing but silence, this time.


  1. Let's try to be a bit fairer to Tom. One can't really refer to the US President as a 'black man'. Let's say that the USA has managed to arrive at the half way point, which is already a reasonable accomplishment..

    However aren't such references also essentially racist? When we forget the colour of whoever represents us (even including the political colour) and objectively judge that man or woman uniquely by his or her qualities and capacities to unite, lead and represent a country successfully, maybe we, (for obviously this applies generally) and above all- the person we have elected, would really have accomplished something of great, historical importance.

  2. Mirino, if we judge President Obama by his ability to "unite, lead, and represent a country successfully" he's going to fall short. That has nothing to do with race and a lot to do with his own shortcomings as a political leader. I had great hope for him in the beginning, but most of that is gone by now.

    It constantly amazes me that we listen to people like Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, and others whose only claim to the spotlight is celebrity. Most of them are poorly educated and in truth don't have opinions that are worth listening to. That applies to both the lefties (most of them) and the few righties.

  3. "Tom Hanks might have his heart in the right places, but certainly not his head." Watch the latest Poliwood: