March 15, 2010

Catholic troubles

'The Catholic Church is “imploding” over child sex abuse.' That, according to Ruth Gledhill, is the view of “a senior journalist in Rome.” Accused of continuing “to act as apologist for the Roman Catholic Church as further cases of paedophilia by priests come to light, The Times religion correspondent apologizes to readers and to victims, pledges to reform forthwith, and takes stock of the situation… by quoting some of the headlines in the Italian press (English version by Richard Owen).

1 comment:

  1. For whatever reason, the use of the word pedophilia conjures up images of older men sexually abusing underage females.

    In the interest of precision, this latest problem of the Church should really be described as what it is, viz., "homosexual pedophilia." That is exactly what it is in over 80% of the cases.

    For the usual reasons, the agenda media is shying away from this usage.