December 18, 2006

Yet another 'star rating' system

Do you remember the demonstration staged by Iranian students one week ago, on Monday, December 11, against President Mahmamoud Ahmadinejad? Yes, when they lightened a firecracker and burned the head of state's photograph calling him a dictator as he himself was speaking at Amir Kabir Technical University in Tehran. Well, as a result, about seventy students have been “awarded” through the new "star rating" system which has been recently adopted by University authorities for politically-active students. However, as The Telegraph reported,

the star system has become a badge of honour among those who have acquired them on their records. Students have likened it to the German Nazi-era practice of making Jews wear the Star of David.

Read the rest to learn more.

This while early returns are showing hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's conservative opponents leading in elections for local councils, and former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani is leading the race for a seat on a powerful clerical body.

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  1. qui si trova una petizione che chiede alle sinagoghe di pronunciare cherem (=scomunica, più o meno) contro i Neture Karta, quei signori che sono andati a omaggiare Ahmadinedjaad a Teheran.
    I promotori della petizione sono le principali organizzazioni ortodosse di New York.
    Fimate e fate firmare ai vostri amici (chi non ha un amico ebreo, oggigiorno ?)